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Carnival in Venice E-Guide

This ebook is the first complete guide to Carnival in Venice, written in English by a Venetian team. Explore the little-known background of Carnival, learn more about Venetian fashion style and the secret language of the masks. We also share recipes and restaurant tips.
  • Discover the unknown background of Carnival in Venice, its myths and legends.
  • Learn more about Venetian fashion style and its color code.
  • Decipher the secret language of the Carnival masks. 
  • Join us for a night out, participating in a sumptuous Carnival banquet.
  • Discover Carnival specialties in our food, restaurant and recipe guide, and learn to create your own Venetian Carnival dinner.
  • Explore Venice with us in our special Carnival itineraries.
5 Chapters. 70 pages. First published on 15 February 2019.