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Summer Drinks from Venice

Do you know our favorite Venetian summer refreshments, and where to taste them? The trending summer drinks here in Venice (not Aperol spritz!), and how can you create them at home? The original ingredients for famous aperitifs like Spritz, Bellini, or Campari? If you'd love to learn more about this, you'll find it all in our most colorful guide (because it's summer!) on refreshing, trending, and historical summer drinks in Venice.

What you will receive:

  • Pdf guide to the Venetian summer drinks, aperitifs and cocktails, and secret ingredients!
  • Where to taste the drinks in Venice (with and without alcohol)
  • Latest trends: Green Spritz and all about Bellini
  • The original recipe for Venetian spritz and its four varieties
  • Trendy, favorite, and historical recipes for summer drinks
  • How to spend a summer day in Venice, tasting all the drinks!
  • Tips to find your favorite bacari (wine bars) in Venice
  • Gift: City Guide 2020 and free video guide: Roadmap to Venice: Visiting the city in three steps, from the Venetian point of view
  • All future updates of this e-guide

24 pages + 18 pages city guide + video roadmap to visiting Venice in 2020. First published in July 2019.

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After payment, you receive an email with your download. The link to the city guide + video roadmap is included in the booklet.

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the edible treasures of Venice

While Venetian history is well-documented, the culinary heritage of the Republic of Venice is less well known. Our new project "Roses and Spices: The Fragrant World of Venice" shares the historical recipes for food, natural remedies and perfumery of the Republic of Venice distilled from forgotten books at the Venetian State Archive and other public and private libraries. 

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