Culinary Guide to Carnival in Venice

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This ebook is the first culinary guide to Carnival in Venice, and comes with a Carnival menu for you to try at home, and 3 culinary Carnival itineraries + food guide should you visit Venice during that time. And we've included 5 bonuses!

  • Discover the unknown historical background of Carnival in Venice, its legends and the food!
  • The secret language of Venetian masks
  • A historical banquet and its sumptuous food
  • Original recipes for Carnival sweets and cakes from Venice
  • Market walk to shop the ingredients for a Carnival menu, and the recipes!
  • 3 secret Carnival walks in Venice, plus food and restaurant tips
  • Gift: City Guide 2020 and free video guide: Roadmap to Venice: Visiting the city in three steps, from the Venetian point of view
  • Acess to all future updates of the e-guide
70 pages + 18 pages Roadmap Guide + 5 bonuses. First published on 15 February 2019 and updated in September 2019.

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