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Gift Card for The Venetian Christmas Bakery Ebook

Have someone in your life who loves Venice? Or a Venetophile and hobby cook who would like to learn more about Venetian culinary culture and heritage? Give them the gift of an online class or seasonal ebook this Christmas to start the new year with Venice! 

Before checkout, please choose the type of gift from the dropdown menu below: online class, ebook. You can also order both types of gifts.

Online Class (Venice Heritage Course): EUR 40.70

Seasonal Ebook (Venetian Christmas Bakery): EUR 9.80

How our gift cards work:

  1. Immediately after payment has gone through, you will receive a Gift Card (pdf), or several ones you ordered.
  2. Please download the card(s) and forward it / them to the person(s) you would like to give the gift to.
  3. The gift card contains all information required to access the online class / download the ebook.